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For Better Sleep
  • Temperature. During sleep, your body heat needs to drop about 0.5C, so make sure you keep your bedroom cool.
  • Light. Even a small amount of light interferes with the release of melatonin - an important hormone released by the body when it's dark - so keep your bedroom dark or wear an eye mask.  Read more
  • Food. Eating too close to bedtime can impair your sleep, so try not to eat within 3 hours of bedtime.
  • Cherries can help you sleep? Yes, according to this website. Who'd have thought?
  • Check out the Quick Guide to Better Sleep (found part-way down the page).
For Allergies
  • Dust mites love humidity. To reduce humidity and get rid of mites, air your bedroom and bedding regularly. 
For Product Care
  • Washing your duvet in the washing machine? Check it has enough room to move around the drum before folding the duvet in half and winding it into the machine. When your duvet is wrapped around the inner surface of the drum with its weight spread out, it won’t make as much noise.
  • When you wash your duvet, also make sure it is thoroughly tumble-dried. The large dryers in launderettes do this much better than domestic units.

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