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Frequently Asked Questions when buying a duvet

What is a ‘Tog’?
The Tog is an internationally agreed measure of thermal resistance. The higher the Tog rating, the warmer the duvet will keep you.
What Tog rating is right for me?
The standard ratings that most people recommend are 4.5 Tog for summer, 9 Tog or 10.5 Tog for spring and autumn and 13.5 Tog for Winter. However, we at All Tog Duvets recognise that we're all different and therefore want to give you the widest range of Tog ratings for you to choose from. Personally we think the 2.5 Tog or 3 Tog is ideal for a summer duvet.
I am from Australia and we buy Doonas based on their weight - how does this compare to a Tog Rating?
It's difficult to compare the weight of the duvet to the Tog Rating as each type of filling weighs different amounts. For example, a duvet filled with Goose Down will weigh less than a duvet of the same Tog rating filled with Feathers - but will still keep you warm. In fact, our Feather Duvets also have 15% Duck Down so that they are lighter in weight but still keep you nice and warm. In effect, there is no way to compare the weight of a Doona to a Tog Rating.
What countries do you deliver to?
We will deliver to the UK and the Republic of Ireland. However, the delivery charges to the Republic of Ireland are higher than to the UK. Details of costs are given on the Deliveries and Returns page.
My partner prefers a warmer duvet to me, what should we do?
You can buy separate single duvets. Alternatively, if you prefer to have one shared double duvet, have a look at our ‘partner duvets’ (see description below).
What is a ‘partner duvet’?
This is a duvet for two people where the left half of the duvet has a different tog rating to the right half. We provide partner duvets in all four fillings and in the following sizes: Double, King Size, Super King & Emperor.
I have heard the term "Fill Power" - what does it mean?
The simplest explanation is that the higher the fill power - the more thermally efficient it is. The more themally efficient something is, the less you need to keep you warm. Therefore, when comparing similar duvets from two suppliers, the duvet with a higher fill power will be lighter (and probably more breathable) than the duvet with a lower fill power.
What is the Fill Power of your duvets?
Our Feather and Down duvets have a Fill Power of 400 whilst the Siberian Goose Down duvets have a fill power of 800.
What is an ‘all-season’ duvet?
This is a duvet made by clipping two duvets together. Normally people will opt for a combination of a low-Tog duvet (e.g. 4.5 Tog) clipped to a medium-Tog duvet (e.g. 9.0 Tog). Thus, by combining the two you can also have a high-Tog duvet (i.e. 13.5 Tog).
What size duvet do I need?
Please refer to our page about duvet sizes or give us a call to discuss things.
What duvet filling is best for me?
Please refer to our comparison chart on the Duvet and Pillow Fillings page or give us a call to discuss things.
What is the difference between ‘non-allergenic‘ and ‘anti-allergenic‘?
'Non-allergenic' means that the duvet doesn't contain a filling that people are likely to be allergic to (e.g. feathers). Anti-allergenic means that the contents actively combat the house-dust-mite which can be the cause of allergic reactions.
I am allergic to feathers, what alternatives are there?
You may want to consider one of our range of pillows and duvets filled with non-allergenic, hollow fibres.
I am allergic to dust mites, which duvet/pillow is best for me?
Our Allerban range of duvets and pillows actively combat the little blighters! Alternatively, our White Siberian Goose Down duvets and pillows have a high-quality casing which is impervious to dust mites.
Are your products guaranteed?
All our products come with a one year guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship.
How long should I keep a duvet?
Good quality synthetic duvets should last up to 15 years whereas a good-quality natural-fill duvet could last up to 30 years. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Buying a cheaper duvet from the local market may seem like a bargain but in the long-term it can work out as the expensive option.
Can I wash my duvet?
Yes, all synthetic and natural-fill duvets can be washed. However, with natural-fill duvets, it is most important to dry them thoroughly and this can be hard to achieve at home.
There is one practical reason why washing your own duvet is often not possible, double duvets are very large and may be too big to fit into a normal-sized domestic washing machine and tumble drier. For this reason we recommend that duvets are washed professionally. This will ensure that the duvet is dried properly, ensuring that the life of the duvet is not shortened by poor care. Contrary to popular belief, duvets do not need to be dry-cleaned.
I find some duvets are too noisy, what would you recommend?
Some people are sensitive to the sound of a duvet that rustles, this is probably caused by the fibres or feathers rubbing together (or against the cover). Duvets filled with Goose Down do not rustle in this manner.
I'm worried about entering my credit card details online, is your website secure?
All your credit card details are processed via the secure payment processing services of Realex Payments. Realex is a division of Global Payments Inc., one of Europe’s leading providers of ecommerce payment solutions. When you get to the checkout pages you will automatically get routed through to a secure Realex page before being asked to enter your credit card details. Realex deliver one of the most secure payment platforms and handles more than €35 Billion of transactions each year.
Can I buy from your website if I don't have a Credit Card?
The short answer is "yes". It is possible to pay by bank transfer or cheque if you don't want to use a credit card. You will need to enter your order as normal and then abandon the order when it gets to the stage when it asks for a credit card. At that point please give us a call or drop us an email with details of your order. We can then complete the processing of your order once payment has been received. Please note that using a bank transfer is quicker than paying by cheque because it takes less time to be certain that the funds have been received.