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Emperor Duvets & Bedding

Emperor Duvets, All-Season Duvets and Mattress Protectors.

You don’t have to be extra tall – or even wide – to want to maximise your sleeping area with a majestic emperor size bed. If you have the bedroom space there are so many benefits to this option. But emperor size bedding is difficult or even impossible to find on the High Street. Our emperor size duvet range will ensure you gain maximum benefit from your choice, with a complete range of options to choose from.

Our emperor bedding range conforms to the UK size standard:

Emperor Size Duvets:                           290x235cm (approx. 9ft 6" x 7ft 8")
Emperor Size Mattress Protectors:   200x200cm (approx.  6ft 6" x 6ft 6")

Choose from these four emperor size duvet fillings: Hollow Fibre, Duck Feather & Down, White Siberian Goose Down, Anti-allergenic

Emperor Duvets & Bedding