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King size Duvets & Bedding

King Size Duvets, All-Season Duvets, Mattress Protectors.

It’s a little-known fact that the standard double bed offers each person just 2ft 6in of space – or just over 0.75 of a metre. This may explain why so many couples prefer to give each other space by moving up to a king size bed.  Our King size duvet range – hand made in Scotland like all of our products – is designed around maximising your comfort.

Our king size bedding range conforms to the UK size standard:

King Size Duvet:                            225x220cm (approx. 7ft 4" x 7ft 3")
King Size Mattress Protectors:          150x200cm (approx. 5ft x 6ft 6")

Choose from these four king size duvet fillings: Hollow Fibre, Duck Feather & Down, White Siberian Goose Down, Anti-allergenic

King Size Duvets & Bedding