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Coolmax Mattress Protector Double Bedding
Coolmax Mattress Protector Double Bedding Coolmax Mattress Protector Double Bedding

Coolmax Mattress Protector (double)

Coolmax Mattress ProtectorThis CoolMax® mattress protector provides excellent protection for your double mattress with the added advantage of keeping you cool, dry and comfortable at night.

Coolmax® is a high-tech fabric that moves perspiration away from the body and through the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly.  This ensures the user will feel cooler and more comfortable. Originally developed to meet the needs of top-class athletes, Coolmax® fabrics are now used in bedding to help you sleep better.

Thinly quilted, the top fabric of the mattress protector consists of 100% pure Coolmax material with peach skin finish.  This is beautiful to touch - extremely soft and gentle.  The mattress protector has an elasticated skirt so that it can adapt to all depths of mattress.

It is particularly used to tackle the following issues:

  • Hot flushes caused by the menopause
  • Night sweats
  • Excessive sweating due to medication or illnesses
  • Memory foam or high quality mattresses which cause excessive over heating through the night

Other advantages:

  • The product is non-allergenic, easy to use and to care for
  • Coolmax bedding actively acts to enhance the quality of your sleep
  • Moisture dries faster* from Coolmax than normal fabrics (* twice as fast as normal cotton) and thereby helps to thermo-regulate the body by keeping it dry through the night

Quality: We have selected the purest quality of Coolmax fabric - 100% pure Coolmax yarns which are further enhanced with a beautiful soft 'peach-skin' finish. This is the most effective blend of Coolmax.

Dimensions: To fit UK Standard double mattress - 135x190cm.

Care instructions: Washable to 60 degrees and extremely hard wearing allowing for frequent washing if required.

Coolmax was developed by Dupont SA and is now owned by the Invista group. Stringent guidelines must be adhered to in the manufacture of Coolmax products giving you the assurance you will receive a quality product.

Beware – not all Coolmax products are 100%.  Many of our competitors sell cheaper Coolmax products but these have a mixture of Coolmax and other fibres.  Obviously these products will be less effective at keeping you cool, dry and comfortable.  Our Coolmax products all contain 100% Coolmax.

Coolmax® fabric and is a Registered trademark of Invista used under licence by ADVANSA.

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