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Coronavirus Message

We are pleased to say that our factory in Scotland has now reopened and is working under the Public Health Scotland and the Scottish Parliament directives to keep everyone safe.

We are now able to process orders although due to social distancing in the factory some items may take 15-20 working days to make.

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Partner Duvets

A Partner Duvet is simply one duvet with different Tog ratings on each side.

Many couples have different preferences when it comes to deciding how warm a duvet should be. 

Some people love a warm, thick, snuggly duvet, others prefer it to be light and cool. 

If you can't always agree on this then perhaps you need a Partner Duvet (aka "Split Tog Duvets").

If you want to see what a Partner Duvet looks like please watch the short video.

The perfect Partner Duvet it's as easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1. Click on one of the buttons below for your preferred duvet filling  
Step 2. Select the button for the Tog rating of the warmest side of the Partner Duvet
Step 3. Choose the Tog rating for the cooler side of the duvet and the size of the duvet.

If in doubt, feel free to call us on the Freephone number at the top of the screen.