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High quality duvets & bedding in a full range of sizes and choice of different fillings

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High Quality Duvets?

If you want to understand how to spot a high quality duvet, here are some of the factors to take into account...

Box Wall construction
How to spot a quality duvetEach ‘compartment’ of the duvet has a small wall between the upper and lower surface of the duvet.  This means that the filling is able to be distributed throughout the cell evenly.  Cheaper duvets (in both senses of the word) simply have the upper and lower surfaces sewn directly onto each other.  If the filling is unable to get into the edges of these cells then you could find that the duvet has cold spots where the filling is not as thick – or missing altogether.  All duvets supplied by All Tog Duvets have the Box Wall construction.
High Thread Count
The density of the material used to make the duvet casing (or pillow casing) affects both the feel of the product as well as its ability to stop the contents from leaking out.  This ‘density’ is known as the “Thread Count”, which is effectively how closely woven the threads are in the material. Our Feather duvets and Hollow Fibre duvets have a high thread count of 233.  Our Siberian Goose Down Duvets have an even higher thread count of 300 giving it a more luxurious feel as well as the tighter weave to keep the finer Goose Down filling safely encased.
Piped Edging
Having piped edging on your pillows and duvets not only makes the item look smarter but also gives the reassurance that the seams are strongly made and unlikely to come apart.
Fill Power
One measurement indicating the quality of a natural filling is the ‘Fill Power’.  Put simply this is a measurement of the thermal efficiency of the filling.  Our White Siberian Goose Down duvets have a whopping fill power of 800.  This is achieved by having a 100% Goose Down filling.  Other manufacturers supply Goose Down Duvets with a percentage of feathers included with their down which lowers the fill power.  Our White Duck Feather and Down duvets have a fill power of 400.  This is higher than most other feather duvets because we include 15% White Duck Down with the feathers.

Source of natural fillings
Look to see where the filling comes from.  European suppliers will adhere to various regulations including animal welfare.  It is possible to save costs by using cheaper suppliers but there's no guarantee of the methods and standards that they'll use.  There are many instances of non-European suppliers using methods that are too distasteful to publish here.  All Tog Duvets uses a UK manufacturer where all the suppliers are known and trusted. For this reason we can we can be sure that the fillings used have been sourced ethically and will conform to standards that we trust.

If you have any questions about our products please call us on the FREEPHONE number and we will do our best to help.