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Anti Allergy Bedding

Ideal for allergy sufferers, our anti-allergy duvets provide the long-lasting relief from allergies to help you drift into warm and comfortable night's sleep.

Dustmite-generated allergens are associated with respiratory diseases such as asthma. Our anti-allergy duvets help counteract these triggers thereby improving quality of life.

DuPont developed the Comforel fibre which is treated with Allerban® to deliver a hypo-allergenic finish to ensure the product is suitable for allergy sufferers. The Allerban coating is an inherent anti-bacterial treatment added to the fibre. It does not wash out and it provides ideal protection against dust mite and bacterial growth. The Comforel fibres are a cut above regular hollow fibres and the most luxurious from the Allerban range.  They are curled into balls to ensure resilience and excellent recovery / re-lofting, resulting in fibre clusters which act and feel like high quality natural down.

  • Machine washable @ 40°C
  • Can be tumble dried
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Feels like down but with all the anti-allergenic properties of a premium branded synthetic fibre.
  • This protection is permanent and is retained wash after wash

The effectiveness of Allerban® and safety of the active ingredient have been scientifically proven by independent laboratories: IFTH (France), ISEGA (Germany) and Environmental Protection Agency (USA).

Anti-allergy Duvets and Bedding